The 1st Annual Vicki Hickman Birthday Memory Skydive

Well we celebrate Vicki's 19th birthday at the 1st Annual Birthday Memorial Skydive. It was a blast we had 23 jumpers and over 60 spectators for the event.

As if Vicki was there with us herself, the sun was out high and bright.. It was an awesome day!!

Our group was so excited, Vicki's Mom, Dad & Brother Bill joined a group of friends and family Uncle DJ, Uncle Bob, Cousin Mike, Cousin Nick.. friends Jaimie, Tara, Rachael, Christine, Amber, Steve, Justin, Kristin, Mellissa, Jessica, Brittany, Michelle, Randi, Kristen, Randi and Brandon who all took the plunge!!

Both Jaimie and Christine had jumped with Vicki so this was a special moment for them to reconnect with that awesome day back on July 2nd, 2006 when the three of them first dove together. And even more amazing was the fact two of our jumpers Amber and Randi had not even flown before!!! So not only was this their first skydive but they braved the whole flight experience.. incredible!!

Here's the 1st Annual Skydive T-Shirt

Sorry we no longer have any of these shirts available.

Our Event Details:

Date: April 22, 2007 @ 10:00AM Devone's Menu

The Luncheon that Followed

    Devone's Family Tavern
    1920 S Black Horse Pike
    Williamstown, NJ 08094
    (856) 629-0440

Following the skydive 54 of us made our way over to one of Victoria's favorite places to eat, Devone's Family Restaurant. Vicki had developed quite the appitite for Dot's fabulous BBQ Bacon Chicken Cheese Steak Sandwich. We were especially blessed to see Dot's new menus which featured "Victoria's Special Sandwich".


So anyway we enjoyed some awesome food a great time was had by all and we celebrated Vicki's birthday with a huge cake and a choir of Happy Birthday that would have even made Vicki cry.. Tears of agony at our singing skills of course!!


Vicki's Birthday Cake

Here's some of the videos from those that attended, please enjoy!! If you missed this event be sure to join us next year, Vicki was right there is nothing else quite like it!!


Thank You to all the of those that joined us during our past Annual Events

Please check out our previous Skydive Events!!

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