Our 1st Annual "Last Call" - An Alcohol Free Day

November 27th, 2007
A Benefit Event In Memory of Vicki Hickman

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It is our hope to raise awareness of the horrible truth of Alcohol Poisoning. With the anniversary of Victoria's tragic passing we will continue to organize as many people as possible to wear their Last Call T-Shirts on November 27th each year. Further we hope that by showing our colors we may generate questions as to what it is all about. We will then have the opportunity to share Vicki's story and the facts of irresponsible drinking.

Please be part of the Last Call cause and help us spread the word.

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The 2007 Last Call t-shirt was Orange (Tangerine) with Black Lettering front and back. The image featured on the front illustrates the survivor's heart and friends tears... what's left behind is a spilt dream..
The back serves as a harsh reminder of the body's warning signs of increasing Blood Alcohol Levels (B.A.L.).

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Many thanks to all those who ordered and wore their shirts during our 1st annual "Last Call" event. We have heard some awesome stories of encounters during the day, stories about others being impacted by our message!! So even if we can touch just one life, make a difference for just one family continue just one more friendship it will all be worth it!!

* Still Need A Shirt?? * --> If you would like to order a t-shirt please send me an e-mail at Bill@lilvickih.com with your Order and payment method, I am certain we can work with you.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to e-mail me, Instant message me at Bhick1 or call me at home (856) 486-0164.

Know The Facts About Alcohol Poisoning - you may just be surprised.. Don't just assume you'll sleep it off!!

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