Help Spread The Word

Our goal here is to spread the word about the effects of binge drinking an to educate each other about the warning signs of Alcohol poisoning. Tell your friends about what's going on, share the tragic story of Vicki but let them know that in her memory we are trying to save lives.

Here are a couple flyers/posters that might help:

  • Download the Last Call Flyer - Spread the word!
  • Don't forget to share the Blood Alcohol Content(B.A.C.) Symptoms - Know When To Get Help!
  • Here's a couple images that might help:

    Shirt Design

    Last Call Last Call

    -- We certainly welcome submissions from all of you as well --

    Last Call Last Call
    Thank for these Sara

    Please - Not Another One Lost

    Through Victoria’s passing we hope to continue to raise awareness of the senseless and painful loss of lives caused by reckless drinking. It is not our presumption that we will eliminate underage dinking or the binge drinking phenomenon however we hope to simply raise awareness and possibly save some lives along the way. As her family we would never want any other family to endure the hardships that poor choices on a wild night of drinking can cause.

    Thank You for being a part of our plan!!!

    Alcohol Poisoning - You just don't sleep this off!
    Please Let Us Know That Your A Part Of It!! - Visit The Message Board (Post your message)

    Don't Let This Be Your Last Call - Learn About The Effects Of Alcohol

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