Our 2nd Annual "Last Call" - An Alcohol Free Day

Last Call

November 27th, 2008
A Benefit Event In Memory of Vicki Hickman

Thank you to all who participated during the 2007 Last Call Event,
Visit our >> LAST CALL - 2007 << page for pictures and stories.

The "Last Call" Event - An Alcohol Free Day

Can you go just one day to save a friend?

We look forward to having you on board for "LAST CALL 2008"!!

Please remember to share the real facts about Alcohol Poisoning, help save a friend or loved one!

FACEBOOK USERS: Please look for our "Last Call" Cause we'd love to have you onboard!

We were on 21 campuses, and 9 secondary schools across 6 states for Last Call - 2007!! We hope to get this across the country, can you help?? We are interested in getting your Fraternity and Sorority involved, we are especially interested in reach out to Nation Chapters

New Jersey Schools Pennsylvania Schools Virginia Schools
Will Your School Be Here?? Will Your School Be Here?? Will Your School Be Here??

Florida Schools
Will Your School Be Here??

The message of Last Call has begun to make its way into the schools. We are working on supporting literature, a curriculum to raise awareness of the perils relating to alcohol consumption and especially to recognize its toxic warning signs.

Our primary objective is to reach students through students however we encourage educators, counselors and other authorities to adopt the message of the Last Call.

  • Why the "Last Call"

      On November 27, 2006 our family received the terrible news that Victoria had passed away while sleeping in a dorm room after a few hours of binge drinking on campus at York College. Victoria had become another statistic on the honor rolls of "College binge drinking". Regretfully neither Victoria nor the others she was drinking with that evening understood the effects of binge drinking. These young adults were not aware of the lethal effects of an alcohol overdose nor did they know the signs that could have alerted them of the ethanol poisoning which ultimately took Victoria's life.

      Since Victoria's passing as a result of "Alcohol Poisoning" (a.k.a. Acute Ethanol Toxicity) we have learned an incredible amount about Alcohol and its dramatic effects of the body. Alcohol poisoning is the result of some bad choices and lack of understanding as to how much is to much. Vicki's death was totally avoidable if she had just understood the destructive effects of what she consumed and of equal importance would be to have had those around her know the signs and know to call for help.

      Although it would be a great thing to eliminate underage and binge drinking in our schools and on our campuses it his highly unlikely this would ever occur. Instead, we have launched The "Last Call" event to heighten awareness about the lethal effects of alcohol. The real message here is if you are going to drink, know how to drink, know when to stop, and especially learn the signs of alcohol poisoning

  • What can we do to support "Last Call"

      Knowledge and Awareness are our two best defenses against the deadly consequences of alcohol poisoning.

    • On November 27th we are asking you to just say no to Alcohol.. It's free.. It's easy.. It makes a difference
    • Learn the facts about Alcohol Poisoning, share what you learn and be prepared to act to save a life.
    • Get Yours Now!!!: Order Your 2007 "Last Call" Shirt - Show Your Support!
    • Download Last Call Flyers/Posters - Help Spread the word!
    • Tell others about Last Call, about the risks of alcohol poisoning and encourage them to learn more.
  • Vicki Bracelet
  • The days after "Last Call"

      Here are some things to help avoid this type of tragedy

    1. Recognize the various Blood Alcohol Content(B.A.C.) Symptoms - Know When To Get Help!
    2. Know The Facts About Alcohol Poisoning - you may just be surprised.. Don't just assume you'll sleep it off!!
    3. Ask your college to enact policies to encourage people to help others without fear of getting in trouble. Lehigh University in Pennsylvania enacted a "Good Samaritan" Policy intended to allow friends to call for help when someone appears to be in distress. These type of policies will save lives, let's make sure they are in place on your campus to!
    4. Share your experiences with others, remind those around you of how painful and real this problem is. Tell them about "Last Call" and about Victoria maybe it will hit home for them.
    5. A Few links you may find informative:

    Through Victoria's passing we hope to continue to raise awareness of the senseless and painful loss of lives caused by reckless drinking. It is not our presumption that we will eliminate underage drinking or the binge drinking phenomenon however we hope to simply raise awareness and possibly save some lives along the way. As her family we would never want any other family to endure the hardships that poor choices on a wild night of drinking can cause.

    Alcohol Poisoning - You just don't sleep this off!

  • Don't Let This Be Your Last Call - Learn About The Effects Of Alcohol

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