It is with deepest regret I announce the passing of

Victoria Hickman


“You can shed tears that she is gone,
or you can smile because she has lived.
You can close your eyes and pray that she'll come back,
or you can open your eyes and see all she's left.
Your heart can be empty because you can't see her,
or you can be full of the love you shared.
You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday,
or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.
You can remember her only that she is gone,
or you can cherish her memory and let it live on.
You can cry and close your mind,
be empty and turn your back.
Or you can do what she'd want:
smile, open your eyes, love and go on.”


Victoria was a 2006 graduate of Pennsauken High School where she served as a flute/piccolo player in the Marching Band and was a member of the indoor colorguard.  Victoria was also a member of Student Government and played on the Field Hockey Team. 


Victoria was a freshman at York College who loved Disney World and also had a recent fondness for skydiving.  


Arrangements are as follows:



Friday, December 1

6-9 PM

Inglesby & Sons

Cove Road, Pennsauken


Saturday, December 2

9-10:30 AM

Asbury Methodist Church

Route 130 & Andover Road



Saturday, December 2

10:30 AM

Asbury Methodist Church

Route 130 & Andover Road




Saturday, December 2

Following Service

Lakeview Memorial Park



Pennsauken High School Marching Band

Attention all band members - past & present.

We will meet at 7:30 PM at the Ingelsby Funeral Home so that we can walk through and present flowers as a group.  If you are a past band member and wish to participate, send me an e-mail.  



Suddenly on November 27, 2006 , age 18, of the Delair section of Pennsauken NJ . Beloved daughter of Bill and Kristie Hickman of Delair. Dear sister of Bill at home and granddaughter of Connie and the late David Barker of Phila and Mr. &  Mrs. William and Dorothy Hickman of Glenolden. Also survived by several aunts, uncles and cousins.

Victoria was a student at York College of Penna., graduate of Pennsauken High School , where she played for the marching band, indoor guard and filed hockey team.

Relatives and friends of the family are kindly invited to attend her visitation Friday 6-9 PM at the FUNERAL HOME OF INGLESBY & SONS, 2426 Cove Rd. , Pennsauken , NJ 08109 & Saturday 9-10:30 AM at Asbury Methodist Church , Rt. 130 & Andover Rd. Cinnaminson NJ Funeral Service 10:30 Saturday at Church. Interment Lakeview Memorial Park , Cinnaminson NJ . In lieu of flowers donations to House Hold Of God (Life Application Bible Ministry), 202 Cinnaminson Ave. Palmyra NJ 08065 or to the charity of your choice preferred. Directions, condolences and expressions of sympathy at




If anyone would like to post their fond memories of Vicki, please submit them to me.  You can also send me any pictures you have of Vicki to be posted.





Vicki was a beautiful young woman who had lots of respect of people. If there was ever a time when i was upset about something Vicki would make me laugh until i cried. She would always sit on my lap or tickle me. She was so smart and had alot going for herself. Im going to miss her so much. I will never forget the time when i was crying about something at guard and she was there comforting me. If i had one more chance to talk to her i would tell her that i love her and that our friendship was very special. ~ Malika Butler

If I can remember anything about Victoria, it would be her free spirit.  I always can remember her fooling around with Jaimie and Tinie (Christine Carter), having a smile on her face, and just enjoying what she does.  She was always having fun, and in my eyes, she was a great person to be around.  To me, she brightened up anyone's bad day.  So to lose someone like her, that really hurts all those who even just knew her.  She will be missed deeply, and I pray for the family who have to cope with this huge loss.  ~ Sasha Martinez

As freshman parents during the 2005-2006 band season, we didn’t get to know Vicky very well.  What we do remember about her was her spirit, her love of life.  Vicky always had a smile on her face and was always surrounded by friends.  We did get to know her parents, Bill & Kristi.  They loved their daughter so much and were so proud of her.  I remember comforting Kristi during last spring trip when she missed Vicky’s concert band performance because she was outside tending to another student who wasn’t feeling well.  She got inside the school but was closed out of the performance because it had already started.  Kristi was hysterical crying that she wouldn’t get to see Vicky perform with the band anymore.  At a barbeque they had for the Band Boosters over the summer, they proudly played a video tape of Vicky skydiving.  They played it over and over again, watching with such joy & pride. 


Although Vicki is no longer with us, she will always live in the hearts of the people she touched.  We will miss you. ~ Wendy & Lou Mottershead

Hope this is OK, I felt compelled to share my feelings about the outpouring of love and support for us…


All the things I remember about Victoria will take a hundred lifetimes to fade away.


Mrs. H & I have been very blessed to have a daughter like Victoria and I hope we told her that enough. She was our stars and the moon… a little spoiled but hey what are parents for! We have been even more blessed in that both her brother Bill and Vicki shared many of their friendships with us.. those friendships are with many of you that are visiting this page right now. We thank you for the visits, the support and just knowing that you all care so deeply… you are all very special to us.. she will live on for us through these relationships..


Like yourselves we will grieve the lose of Victoria every day and the loss of what might have come of a full lifetime with her but we will celebrate 18 wonderful years, 18 years that some may never have the opportunity to experience in their lifetime! I keep thinking if she had this much of an impact with 18 years on earth, how much more will she be able to accomplish with an eternity in heaven.


Well I’m sure she will be throwing a Christmas in July party in God’s backyard, ‘tagging’ some ones heavenly windshields, skydiving through the clouds (with wings this time) and who knows maybe she even has the rifle tosses down now!!!


We love you all.. Thank You.. Mr. H.

We first met Vicki when she was in 6th grade.  Jaimie spotted her at a People to People meeting and told us there was a girl from her class there.  Jaimie and Vicki took a trip to Washington state that summer with the People to People organization.  From that time on, they became the best of friends.  Vicki was a bubbly little girl back then, and that never changed.  She was always so full of energy.  Always ready to do something wild and crazy.


We have many fond memories of Vicki and she will be greatly missed.  Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.  We miss you. ~ XO The Himes Family

I am so blessed to have known Victoria , first as my fifth grade student at Delair and then as a dear friend who will be sadly missed.  I pray that Victoria is at peace and that her family can hold dear to the memories of such an amazing young woman.  I will never forget Victoria because she blessed me with the greatest gift a teacher can ever receive ... Victoria presented me with a computer generated certificate that I still display in my classroom today.  The certificate is titled "Best Teacher," and reads as follows:


Mrs. Luongo,

I am presenting you this reward because you are nice and you are cool.  You do everything a student could ask for.  You do so many things that you don't even have to do.  Thank you for everything.

Given by  Victoria Hickman

Date 2/11/99


So yesterday when I received the devastating news, I ran up to my classroom, grabbed my much treasured framed certificate, and cried for the little strawberry-blond girl with the impish smile that I affectionately called "Peanut."  Victoria, you always made me proud to be your teacher, and I am proud to have been your friend too!  Thank you for everything!  Love always, Mrs. Luongo

 I worked with Vicki at the Disney Store.  She was a wonderful person to work with.  Everyone there loved her.  She definitely had that Disney attitude.  Always happy, very outgoing.  She loved life.  Vicki and Christine would drive us crazy with those little spit bubbles and she knew it.  But it is one of those things that I will miss.  And her flip flops in the dead of winter.  I always thought she was nuts.  She was a great person and will be missed deeply.  Jen Raube

My name is Gail Garrett.  I reside on the same block as the Hickmans.  My daughter Gloria Williams was a friend of Victoria 's for the past 11years.  We moved to Delair in 1995 from Philadelphia .  Gloria and Victoria became friends immediately as Mrs Hickman was Gloria's babysitter.  Gloria was big for her age and Victoria was kind of small for her age.  Gloria always carried Victoria (who she referred to as "peanut") around on her back.  All you would see was Victoria 's huge smile as she rode on Gloria's back as they ran up and down the street.  She was always very mannerable.  Just a really sweet kid. She will definitely be missed

Sorrowfully, I did not know Victoria. However, I am a mother and I sympathize with the trauma that has occurred in their family. My most sincere condolences to the Hickman family. Please ask them to remember the wonderful times that were spent with Victoria, and count the blessings of all they have shared.

God Bless. Sincerely,

Sharon McGee

Cherry Hill, NJ

Cramer Elementary School

A FINAL AIRGRAM FOR VICTORIA - To one of the brightest stars on this earth; may your smile & personality lend itself to the brilliance in our sky.  You will be truly missed as you were truly loved while in our midst.  Much love & blessings to you and yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Mom E.

Although Vicki was a huge part of the band, I will always remember her for her success in field hockey. I remember the first game Vicki played Varsity and how we all talked about how she should've been starting Varsity much, much sooner. I felt very proud of Vicki, because she had the heart and stickwork of a Varsity starter. Ironically enough, she became one of the leading scorers on the Varsity team, despite her lack of experience. Although she wasn't labeled as a captain, she held her own with the rest of the captains her senior year--motivating the team, helping girls with their stickwork, etc. Vicki was an inspiration on the field--she never, EVER gave up (even if we played a team we knew we would lose to), always cheered, and always gave her all. As the loudmouth on the team, I felt so much comfort and pride knowing that Vicki cheered on the forward line, whether or not I could be heard. She was so funny and so much fun to be around. When we would play five-on-the-die, she would aggressively mark me, despite her size and the equipment I was wearing, always telling me that she would score. However, the most remarkable thing about Vicki was that even after field hockey season, she still would say hi or have small chats with me in the hallway. She was not obligated to, but she did anyway. And I am so happy to have known her. My family wishes to extend their prayers and greatest sympathies to the Hickmans. Vicki was a remarkable person that no one could possibly forget. --Amanda Schott

Vicky was a very kind hearted young lady. She would bring the fun to color guard. She was so funny... And i do miss her. She had a lot going for her as well as her parents. I knew Vicky by joining the band as a guard member. Vicky will never be forgotten, and she will always live in our memories. I do wish it was last words i could tell her. Yet as she was here i appreciated and enjoyed her loving, cute face. She will be missed...

Jazmynne Pratt

P.s. I send my best wishes and sorries for her family and friends... You raised a wonderful girl

I became very close with Vicki in 6th grade. Vicki, Christine Rosen and I would hang out often. We were both a member of the Red Devils soccer team for years. I still cannot get over this. We had some good times together.  I remembered when she got baptized in her pool.  It all seems like yesterday. As we got older, we started to grow apart. Our friendship became more distant, but we always said hi as we saw each other.  She was a great girl. She could make a room light up, and bring anyways mood up. Mr. and Mrs. Hickman-I am so sorry for your loss. I know how proud you were of your daughter. May she rest in peace, and light everyone's face up in heaven now.  You will be greatly missed.  Melissa Paolini


You where the crazy girl who never did anything bad to anyone. Everything you did was fun. From all the times we had in band when you carried my drum and me and James would push you back and forth with are drums. To all the band trips we would sing songs and To all the spring trips you wouldn't let me, rusty or Jaimie go to sleep on the bus going to Hershey. We would go up to

random people in the park and just say Whoa!!! to. So many memories. This doesn't seem true. It doesn't seem real. You where one of the funniest people i knew. From walking around Delair in July singing Christmas carols to tagging people cars. You'll always be Miss and be in my heart. i will always love you.. I have so many pictures but i still feel your going to wake up and he like "HEY!!!!". It just doesn't seem rite. it doesn't feel real. You where so much fun. all the locker fights. There so much more but more I talk it makes me cry. ~ Justin Whiteman

I first met Vicki in 5th grade on a softball team and when she joined the Red Devils soccer team we quickly became best friends. We would hang out almost after every game and I always had so much fun. Needless to say, there was never a dull moment when Victoria was involved. I will miss her friendly personality as well as her sense of humor. I hope that we can all take a part of her free spirit and use it in our own lives. I am so sorry for your loss, Mr. and Mrs. Hickman and Bill. She was truly one in a million.

May Angels Lead You In Peanut. Love, Christine Rosen

I first really met Vicki my freshman year during the our indoor practices. I was just a freshman stickin with the people I knew and was very shy. I remember Vicki, Jaimie, Malika, and Alyssia laughing and joking around. Next thing I knew we were all friends and i was laughing and joking with them. They made indoor practice so much fun. Our over night trips were even better. From singing on the bus to having birthday parties, practicing on the beach and riding on the tram car saying hi to random people. She made me laugh and smile when I didn't think possible. She was such a happy person all the time. Vicki was an amazing friend and I hope that she knows how many people love and miss her. I know I will. ~ Jaclyn Hohwald

 Hey babe the last time i saw you was the end of summer and i just want ya to know that it was an awsome time everytime we hungout. WE will all miss you soo much we love you more then anything im goin to go sky diving cause you said how awsome it is ill be alittle closer to you babe i know ur lookin down on all of us. and spreading you love to us all we will all miss you my love goes out to u nick ~ love Bruce Santino

I first met Vicki my senior year at band camp.  I remember being introduced, and instantly saying wow I know we're gonna be friends.  And I was right.  We had some interesting moments during band.  That led, to crazy car rides involving large pixie sticks and bags of candy for sleepovers.  I will always think of Vicki banging the pixie sticks on the back of my seat in the car, while we were all rocking out to Sugarcult, Bouncing off the Walls Again.  I will forever remember her for that song.  Not sure y we were always eating candy or pixie sticks when none of us needed the sugar, we were already bouncing off the walls without it.  We had some great times, and I'm sure everyone did with her.  Just the other day I was looking at old pictures and found the ones from Halloween.  We all decided to dress like thugs, which we thought was great.  Went trick or treating, and even took a picture with Sponge Bob.  They were just great times, and they are missed.  It didn't matter what kind of mood I was in.  Whenever I walked into the room and she was there, she always had a big smile on her face, and always made me laugh.  To just hanging out in the band room, or being goofy in the car.  I will never forget her, and she will always hold a very special place in my heart.  I don't think she realized how many people she truly touched, but I'm sure she knows now.  Taken from us too soon, but she left footprints in all of our hearts for an eternity.  I can't believe she is gone.  My deepest thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. and Mrs. Hickman and Bill.  I'm truly sorry for your loss.  I love you Vicki!  Keep an eye on us down here!  We love & miss you so much! Xoxo  Love, Krystal Marion

I remember all your awesome parties you had at your house in your disco lit basement where we would take silly pictures and stuff our faces with cake until we couldn't breath. We also use to walk to the park in our pj's late at night...I remember the time when I went in a moo-moo, toe sucks and a wave cap...and you guys always brought that up and we would always laugh so hard. Those were some good times...I also remember the time when you dressed up as a gorilla and we made our own video while singing " I like big butts and I cannot lie!" at the top of our lungs. I will never forget your sense of humor and the smile you had that could light up the room in a matter of seconds. U were and always be a truly amazing person in my eyes. Victoria . I  just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed all the good times we had together and I will never forget them because they were some of the happiest times of my life. These past couple of days have been hard on me and I know they have been hard on others as well. I just want to let you know how much you mean to me and how much I will miss you. I will continue to pray that God keeps a good eye on you up there and that YOU as the beautiful angel that you have become watch over all of us down here. Love ya and miss ya lots! My thoughts and Prayers also go out to the entire Hickman family. ~Krestina Espada~

I first really got to know Vicki in my Junior year at Pennsauken .  I started working at the Disney Store with her last September.  I'll never forget my first night of work.  I was really nervous, and Vicki was the one who had to give me the tour of the place and introduce me to a couple of things around the store.  She made things so much easier for me.  Towards the end of the night, Vicki and I had to unpack a new shipment and put it on the shelves.  They were fingerpuppets, and instead of doing what we were told we put on a puppet show behind the boxes.  Her puppet beat up my puppet.  I'll never have so much fun working ever again in my life.  She loved her life and loved to be alive and the thing I’ll miss most about her is how no matter what was happening she never stopped smiling.  She has made me think that no matter how bad things are in your life, that just seeing a smile can make you feel like everything will be okay one day.  We miss you Vicki.  -Brittni Hatfield

I've been hesitant on posting my thoughts, only because I had no idea on where to begin.  Vicki was a ball of energy and happiness.  She has definitely played a big role in my guard years...especially our Senior year.

Senior year was was me, Malika, Jaimie, and Vicki that were pretty much inseparable. Since being with each other so much from guard Vicki and I became close and I thank God I got that chance.  Just from guard there are many, many unforgettable memories I have now to cherish, as well as the other guard members: Our birthday party in the hotel room (when the decorations got sucked into the heating vent), Our sleepover at the Hickmans (when we lefted Malika there while we went to Penn Queen), her "herman the worm" song, her blowing of those nasty spit bubbles, her finger dancing.....i can go on forever.  Now I can think back and even cherish the small things...seeing her in homeroom, loading and unloading the equipment bus, starting practice when me and Malika were late, showing up at practice and parking our red cars next to eachother, rooming together for every trip and food shopping, helping me sneak out of school after 7th period....

Vicki was an overall FUN and AMAZING FRIEND.  Im going to miss her goofiness and that smile that I totally adored.  I had just seen her before the break was over at the mall when she was working....we greeted each other with such a big exciting and happy hug...If I would have known that was going to be my last hug...I would have held on longer and told her I loved her...  I know for sure now that the Lord has her under his wing.  She is in a wonderful place where in fact only wonderful people, like her belong.  It is true that even though she has lived for 18 years, MANY have been touched by her beauty.  My deepest thoughts and prayers go out to Papa Smurf (Mr. Hickman), Mrs. Hickman, and her entire family and friends.


Vicki you are truly an angel and a sweetheart.  May God rest your precious soul.  You are extremely loved and will be deeply missed!  Watch over us Babe! ~Alyssia Ortiz

I was never one for crying or pretty much showing any emotions because i guess i was afraid of what people would think. Thats one thing that vic brought out in me, she showed me how to live life and to do what i wanted to do. Its because of her i met Ky and its because of her that i found myself. She was always down to do somthing fun with no drama and i personally nevr knew a girl like that. She was also the first girl i met that liked going wheeling with the guys and Scotts BIG truck.  God, ur one lucky guy i just wish u could have waited a little longer.  Vic i just wanna say i miss ya and ill nevr forget u.  Love, Rey

To Heavens newest Angel, Mr. DiVito and I want to thank you for teaching us to "just chill".  At the times when chaperoning or during band camp when we'd want to scold you and your friends for sillyness, you'd give us that sweet smile and we'd have to turn away so you couldn't see us laugh, you knew you had us then.  Thank you for your friendship with Bobby.  He's been talking about all the great gatherings at your house, the dance you two went to, and your crazy antics in band.  Thank you for listening to Jackie when she asked tiny you to befriend her "little brother" and introduce him around the band.  She, like you, is a bubbly ray of sunshine and when the two of you got together, well lets just say our apologies go to Miss Murray, Dr. Webster and Mr. Finnegan!  We send a thank you to your brother Billy too.  Tommy's been talking about all the crazy antics that Billy pulled in band.  He said he'd laugh till he couldn't breath.&n bsp; W e thank God for the Hickman kids that can definitely bring out the laughter in a quiet room.  Last but certainly not least, we thank you and Billy for joining the band which brought your parents along.  We have become not only band parents but friends.  We feel their pain and loss right now but we promise you we will be their shoulders to cry on and lean on.  By the grace of God, they will laugh and smile again.  For now, we all just miss you so much but we trust that God brought you home because he must have really needed you.  And we know we will all see you again.  Do me a favor little angel, when its my turn to come home, will you ring the cow bells extra loud so I can find you.

All our love and prayers are with you Victoria and surrounding your family,  Mr and Mrs. DiVito

Vicki and I met in the 6th grade.  I spotted her at a People to People meeting and decided to approach her in class.  After I saw her at the meeting I realized she was in almost all of my classes, and since usually on the first days you are in alphabetical order, we were always next to each other.  We remained next to each other for the next 7 years of school.  Since day one we declared our selves best friends.  We were pretty much inseparable, as most people know.  I could go on forever with different memories her and I have with one another.  From our trip to People to People to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving when I saw her last and everything in between.  She was my best friend, the one I could always turn to.  And as everyone has said before, always wearing that unforgettable smile.  I remember telling her in the 8th grade I wanted her to win best smile because I knew she had it.  She was always the happy one.  I knew if I was having a bad day all I needed was a few minutes with her and I would have a smile on my face.  As her best friend, I also saw her at her worst times.  The endless times she was grounded or in trouble for grades, I always did my best to make it better.  And to always get those better grades so she wasn't grounded.  As we got into our later years of high school Vicki became my voice of taking risks and having fun.  That's why I jumped out of a plane twice with her and went rock climbing.  I was her voice of reasoning, which she sometimes listened to.   We had a lot of plans for our future and it saddens me she will not be there to complete them with me.  But even though I cannot see her I know she will still be by my side the entire way.  I miss her more with every passing moment and love her just the same.  I was blessed enough to spend almost 8 wonderful years with her that I will cherish forever.  She will always be my bestest friend, my BFBDNST (sorry, our little secret code).  I remember being upset I didn't get to see her over the weekend when she was home before she went back to school.  I just wish as we stood in the rain on Wednesday night saying good bye I had hugged her a little tighter and told her I loved her.  I know she knows I do.  It is going to really tough without her here but I know she'll make sure I get through it.


To the Hickman family - I love you all very much.  You know I am only a phone call away.  I am sorry for your loss.


Vicki, save me a spot up there.  Shot gun, no blitz next to you!  We're going to have a lot of catching up to do.  I love you.  I miss you.


"God broke our hearts to prove to us He only takes the best..."


Love always,

Jaimie Himes

I am not sure how to begin.  Vicki was a amazing person to say the least.  She was a friend and a fellow athlete, and I can honestly say that if it wasn't for her, I would not be the same person I am today.  Her influence on my life and I am sure for many other is a great one.  She was an incredible field hockey player, and played with all her heart on the field, and always gave 100%, and i wish that the younger player had the opportunity to see her play.  I am honored that I had the opportunity to play on the same team as her.  I love Vicki and things will never be the same without her, her smile lit up the room and her laugh was contagious.  Looking at old photos reminds me of how goofy and fun she was to be around.  She appreciated every aspect of life, and It hurts to see that it has been taken from her.  Victoria will always remain in my heart, and will never be forgotten.


Vicki, I remember how you cried that time I couldn't make it to the game, or when we cried together to Green Day because then we realized we would never play together again, You were my other half on the field, and with every field hockey game I play I know you will be there with me, because i can't play another game without you.  I love you, Thanks for the memories.

-Brittany Dippolito

I've known Vicki since she was in diapers. She was somewhere around one and I was about 2 years old. I lived right down the street from her for many years. We did everything together. We quickly became more like sisters than just simply friends. People used to think we were twins at times, and used to get our names mixed up. If I started to begin telling about the memories, I would go on forever. There was never a dull moment with Vicki. She was so creative and full of dreams and ideas. As she and I grew older, she started to develop new friends and interests and kind of took off. I could not have been a luckier person to have spent so many years with her. I was in her room last night, looking through all of her pictures. And the more I got through, the more I realized that Vicki was certainly one of a kind. I think of her as larger than life. She was always looking for a new adventure, and new challenge to take on. I started to think wow this girl has guts. How could someone be so brave and bold? 18 years old. She truly is an inspiration for me and lots of people. I just want to know what her trick was. How could someone be so incredible? This just goes to prove that there is something better after life. And Vicki was ready. She did so much, impacted so many lives. A true leader. We know that because she's already ahead of us. Isn’t that the truth? She was always a step ahead of everyone; bringing new ideas to the table. What exciting thing could she do next? Inspiring people to join her in her playful activities and games. All I can say, is that my life will forever be changed by her. I only hope I can amount to half of what she was. And I couldn't possibly ask for a better Guardian Angel 0: )


In my heart forever Vick, I love you and will take a piece of you throughout all that I do!   All my love,  Randi Woolston

Vicki,  Hmm where to begin?!? You and my little Jaimie came into band my senior year and we became instant BFF! There was not a single thing we did without all of us together. I remember when we went to Pizza Hut and stole the cups and the pizza cutter thing. Then, we found that nasty couch in the dumpster and we took pics of each other on it. I dunno how i would've gotten through my last year of high school if it weren't for youse guys! I've known your family for a loooooong time ***Good old Delair Elementary school with Billy lol*** I can only hope you realize how important you have been and will always be to so many people. God knows I will love you and miss you so much Peanut...I remember going to Friendly's and we drew on napkins for each other and stole the cool color changing straws (wow we stole a lot of things lol) and then we'd tell the waitress it was someone's bday just to embarass them and get free dessert. As I'm writing this, many tears fall down my cheek but a silly little smile comes across my face cuz I always had so much fun with you. Thank you for always listening to me and for my silly "back of the bus" stories in indoor guard. God Vicki I love you so much please take care of me and be my guardian angel. I will see you again baby girl xoxo

I will always remember Vicki as one of my best friends... I feel like the reason nobody ever saw me in a bad mood in high school was because I saw Vicki everyday. We would walk to class almost everyday and right away my day couldnt have been a bad one. Vicki was one of the funniest people I ever met and I was always proud to have her as a friend. I had plenty of friends in PHS but Vicki was the only one that stuck with me from freshmen year all the way to the end. We never fought or made fun each other (at least in a mean way). I would always draw her funny comics and make comics on the computer. She had a whole book of them and she filled her locker with a lot of them. Throughout the years I gained respect for Vicki that I had for almost nobody else. I loved her family and her equally and I dont know what I will do without her. At project graduation we both decided to do a conjoined character together and I still have it even though it may not look like either of us but I thought that someday I could show Vicki again and we could laugh at how bad it was. Nobody ever made me smile like Vicki did and I feel like Vicki helped shaped my sense of humor to what it is today. On the night of the 26th of November Vicki IMed me on the computer the chorus to a song that I thought was hilarious. She wrote, "Boom, boom, boom, let me hear you say AYO!" and I wrote back "AYOOO!!!"...That was the last thing me and Vicki ever said to one another proving that she made me smile even on the night of her passing. Vicki...I will never forget you...I owe you a lot... -Matt Lineham

  I am so thankful Vicki came by the band office every couple of days 8th period last year and that I had the opportunity to play Field Hockey with her. She always brought an uplifting word or a funny joke to brighten your day. She had the most optimistic attitude and I know her influential personality will always be remembered. We should all try to be a little more like Vicki and keep her energy and carefree spirit alive. God Bless Vicki and the Hickman family. Our prayers are with you. - Love always, Krisoula Horiates

     Vicki taught me the art of car defacing.  She began attacking my little Saturn during the play of my senior year.  I came out from practice to find my car wrapped in caution tape.  Her and Jaimie and Tinie all banded together to torture me, but inside i loved the car wars.  I covered her car in confetti filled balloons and got her with seran wrap.  She also got me while she was with me.  I thought my car was safe, but her little accomplices got me with toilet paper!  I could never escape her, and she always stole my antenna topper!

     Then I crashed my poor little Saturn and Vicki blamed me for ending the car wars too soon.  I told her to not worry, these wars will continue despite me not having a car.  After awhile, I was at school a lot and she had her senior year.  Every time I saw her she had this huge grin on her face and the car wars seemed to end.  But she still reminded me on a fairly regular basis that she would get the last laugh.

     Saturday the 25th I went into the wawa to grab milk at 12:30am only to run into two of the best girls I know- Vicki and Tinie.  I teased them about how they should be in bed because it was past their bedtime.  Vicki turned around laughing, as always, gave a big hug and started to ask me how I was.  I did the same, said goodbye and went to grab my milk.  As I walked out to my car, I noticed Vicki's little red car stopped next to the Chinese food place looking at me, and as I looked up at my car, my window had been written on!  Tinie wrote, "I love you Michele kwon" and Vicki had written, "I <3 you! <3 Vicki =)” She had defaced my car, this time a truck, once again. 

     When I heard the news Monday, it was unreal to me.  I didn't wan to believe it, but after talking with both Jaimie and Tinie, I took it in only to glance back at my window and cry once again.  She has beaten me...I cannot win this time.  She deserved to win, she is the pro.  I look at my window wishing to save it forever.  It will always be my lasting memory of Vicki, the funny, quirky, loveable gal who kicked my butt in the car wars. 

    To the Hickmans~ I love your family and I pray for you daily that you may heal and know what a great daughter you raised.  Your entire family is filled with blessings, and I love you guys.

     Vicki~ I know you are up there smiling down on all of us.  You left us too soon, but will live in our hearts forever.  Save room for us, can't wait to see you again <3.  And thank goodness there are no cars in heaven.  Don't deface any wings up there.  I love you!  <3 always, Michele Joy

I am so thankful to have met you last year in field hockey.  You always brightened the field with your laughter and the way you glowed on the field every time you got the ball.  When I needed a ride you would always say yes.  I thank you for that.   I will miss you so much.  I love you a lot.  ~ Chelsea Reeve

Just wanted to say to Bill, Kristi, Billy, and all of Victoria 's family and friends that we are really praying for you.  We know how tremendously important faith and family and friends are to Bill and Kristi as we were fortunate to experience seeing their love and prayers for their kids. Bill and Kristi always greet you with a hug and smile, definitely something it seems Vicky's friends treasured in her. We are so sorry and we'll continue to pray as you grieve.  Love, Kelly, Chuck, Fisher, Mary and Wade Hudak

I’ll always miss Vicki now that she is gone. I got to know her all of my freshman year and she always knew how to make me smile. She was very goofy and ill always remember that beautiful smile she had. She had the best personality ever. Deepest sympathy goes out to Mr and Mrs. Hickman and Vicki's brother. I found out about her untimely death on Tuesday the 28th of November, and it seemed so unreal I couldn't believe. That day was very hard for a lot of people. She was a very accomplished person.   I'm sorry for this loss,<3  REST IN PEACE VICTORIA LEE HICKMAN  '88-'06  <3 Kelly Scheffler

Like everybody else, I don't know where to begin with Vicki. The summer of last year, I met Vicki at the first day of band camp. Since then, I realized exactly why everybody had really loved her. What was not to love about her? Everywhere we went, everything we did, from going to Christine's dad's house to play with the animals, to freshman formal, to sitting in her basement laughing at her childhood diary, there was fun. She knew how to make everything and anything fun, and there was never a dull moment with her. Somehow whenever I was in trouble, Vicki seemed to be there, helping me out of it in some way, any way she could. Vicki knew how to live life to it's fullest, and hopefully that's something she passed on to everyone around her.   

To the Hickmans, I am very sorry for your loss. Our prayers go out to you, and just hope you know what a great daughter you raised.  Love, Mike Goldstein

The fondest memory I have of Vicki is the three years of high school in the band I spent with her. Vicki was the smallest Band member her freshmen year. However, when I entered her sophomore year, Vicki was the second smallest person. When everyone was lining up for photos from tallest to shortest, I made my way down the line till I got to Vicki. Her and I glared at each other for a second, trying to determine who was taller. "No, I'm taller." We would bicker back and forth. Then a few band members would confirm that Vicki was actually taller then me. She was so excited to be taller then someone finally. She was jumping around and giggling saying how she was not the smallest person in the band. Every year after during the same time I would attempt to beat Vicki in the height race. I wore heels one day and told her, "See! I'm taller this year! You're the shortest now!" Vicki looked down and pointed at my shoes, "No! I am definitely taller because you're wearing heels."  She won again. My junior year was simple, because lining up only required me to look for Vicki and stand in front of her. I gave up with the height competition, but it was always fun. My heart goes out to her family, her closest friends and everyone who was given the opportunity to have fun with Peanut. -Hollie Miller

I got to know Vicki through skydiving.  She had an amazing personality, incredible smile, and a growing love for the sky.  She had a laugh that dominated the atmosphere and will be missed by all at the dropzone.  Blue Skies Vicki!  Sean

After the service yesterday, I was so touched by the outpouring of love from so many people that have been touched by Victoria – including myself.  As a teacher, when students graduate, I have always had a very difficult time saying goodbye to students that have so deeply touched my life.  People would always tell me it is okay, because teachers give their students the wings they need to fly away.  Victoria has received the most amazing wings that we all only dream to be able to receive one day.  And she has spread her vast wings around each one of us in such an unbelievable way.  After I returned home yesterday, I went searching for my notes from the banquet from last year – wanting to remember one of the most recent memories of her for me.  I decided that I wanted to share with all of you some of what I shared that day – because these words seem to ring even stronger now.  Victoria was a dedicated musician and guard member.  She always would do what was best for the guard and worked hard at whatever she set her mind to.  Her determination always kept her going; turning her into a fantastic performer.  The guard looked to her for guidance and a laugh when we needed it.  She always seemed to know when to work and when to have fun.  She never looked to be the center of attention, but just wanted to play a part of the group.  I can see why her parents spoil her so much.  With a mere batting of the eyelashes and that characteristic giggle of hers, she is a tough one not to love.


We all know that Victoria has always been a princess in her parents’ eyes.  Now, she is a queen in God’s eyes.


“Who can say for certain.  Maybe you’re still here.  I feel you all around me. Your memory so clear.  Deep in the stillness, I can hear you speak.  You’re still an inspiration.” (song written by Josh Grobman)


Victoria, Bill, Kristi, and Bill Jr. – You are so deeply loved by so many people.  I am blessed to have you in my life. – Ms. Murray

Victoria was an amazing person.  I have such amazing memories of her and her entire family.  I'll never forget her and Randi Woolston being such inseparable friends.  Being in youth group every Friday night at the Woolston's.  In church every Sunday with her, always having an amazing time.  Always with a smile on her face, always being creative.  I will never forget Victoria .   She will live on forever in my heart.  Heaven will never be the same! To her parents Bill and Kristie and her brother Billy, I miss and love you all!!  You are in my prayers.  Love you Vic!  ~Stephanie Roberts

Vicki lived by the words live, laugh, love. She was the nothing short of amazing and I to this day I'am still astonished by all that she has achieved. Everyday brought on a new adventure, a new mystery for her to unveil. Anything and everything she set her mind to she came out on top. She loved her life more than anyone else I've ever met. She showed her family and friends just how much she cared without having to say a word. The room lit up when she walked in and she made sure everyone always had a smile on her face. In a short 18 years this girl accomplished more than some people can ever imagine. She was so much bigger than anything this world could offer her. I honestly believe that we just weren't ready for what she had in store for us next. She really was one of the most caring, genuine, loving people I have ever met, not to mention strange as could be also. I was blessed to be able to call her my best friend. I thank god everyday that she was such a major part of my life and that I was able to learn many life lessons from her. I know she's with me everyday from here on out, I know that when I'm stuck at crossing paths in life and I have the sense of adventure to take the more challenging of the two that's her way of showing me to never take life for granted and go for something that you believe is bigger than what you are. That's how she lived everyday.


Victoria , I know you can some how see this. I want you to know that I am going to miss you more than you will ever understand. I promise you that I will take you with me everyday for the rest of my life. I'm glad to know that on Friday I got to hug you one last time and tell you just how much I love you. It helps me to remember, no regrets. Something you lived by. I remember all of the plans we've made and I promise you I will make sure they all get completed, we can still conquer all together. I promise to take your sense of adventure and apply it to my life without second guessing myself. I promise you to be thankful for my friends and family everyday like you were. I promise that I'll find those other adventures you were looking for but will never get to experience. I promise you I will take many pictures capturing memories that I may not even consider memories at the time but realize later in life they are. I will make sure that everyone remembers you and that our memories live on forever. I will make sure that your family still has someone to look at and think, what the hell was she thinking. I'm glad to know that I have the greatest guardian angel by my side now, my best friend, my partner in crime. I will love you forever and miss you with each day that passes.


To the Hickmans, I cannot say enough how sorry I am for your loss. I love you guys and just want to thank you for opening your door to all of us and taking us into your family. Thank you for being my rock through all of this when you were hurting just the same. ~Tara Duffy

I tried to send in a message last Thursday but I'm guessing that it didn't go through so I'm going to try again.  I really can't say anything that hasn't been said before but I didn't want this moment to pass by without my sending my condolences to all of Victoria 's family and friends.

When Kristen first called to tell us the news, she had heard it  2nd or 3rd hand so I was hoping against hope that it was all just a horrible mistake.  But shortly after she called, Jack called too and then I knew that it was true.  As much as I wanted to call him back I just couldn't pick up the phone.  I couldn't repeat those words.  I tried in vain not to empower them.  I held on to the hope that as long as I didn't let them in, didn't accept them, it couldn't be true.  However, we all know differently. 

It's been a week now.  We've gone to her viewing, her funeral, and watched as beautiful doves reminded us that Vicky now has her own set of angel wings and has soared off into heaven where she will wait for us and help to welcome us all. 

I didn't know Victoria as well as I wanted to, but being a band parent, I do know her parents and am lucky enough to consider them to be my friends.  So much of the kindness, happiness, and love that Vicky shared with us all was learned from watching her parents and reflecting their love.  My admiration for them has multiplied as I watched them put aside their anguish and share their daughters love and friendship with us all.  Working with Bill and Kristi over the past 8 years was always a pleasure.  I served on the e-board with Bill as my president and he was always so organized and helpful that it made all of our jobs that much easier.  I was in charge of the sewing committee and with Kristi at my side, she was the best partner anyone could ever ask for.  She was always there for me, helping to design and cut out the fabric for the flags and sets, keeping me company and becoming a treasured friend along the way.  Thanks so much to both of you for your friendship and for raising such a beautiful daughter whose smile could light any room she entered.

Now as the days pass by, we know that  Victoria will live on in our hearts and our memories.  No one can ever take those away.  If we can learn anything from this tragedy we need to remember how special every day is, every life is.  Hold those you love close and tell them that you love them.  When we follow her example, we can show Vicky and her family that her soul is alive and well in everyone who knew her.  Every time the pain takes hold she'll send us the peace and happiness she's found and try to remind us that life is for loving, for having fun, and that she's never further than a memory away.

My heart goes out to you, Bill, Kristi and Billy.  My family and I will hold you in our hearts and our prayers each and every day.  Next semester when Kristen is a student chef at Careme's or over the summer when she's interning back at Harrah's, she hopes that you'll come and visit her and let her prepare a meal with that  special dessert you were asking for.  We love you and are so sorry for your loss.  ~ The Curcios

During Vicki’s service we played a song that captures the essence of the faith that carries me through this situation, I am hoping it may provide a similar strength to some of you that are looking for answers.


HELD – Natalie Grant


Two months is too little.
They let him go.
They had no sudden healing.
To think that providence would

Take a child from his mother while she prays
Is appalling.

Who told us we’d be rescued?
What has changed and why should we be saved from nightmares?
We’re asking why this happens
To us who have died to live?
It’s unfair.

This is what it means to be held.
How it feels when the sacred is torn from your life
And you survive.
This is what it is to be loved.
And to know that the promise was
When everything fell we’d be held.

This hand is bitterness.
We want to taste it, let the hatred NUMB our sorrow.
The wise hands opens slowly to lilies of the valley and tomorrow.

This is what it means to be held.
How it feels when the sacred is torn from your life
And you survive.
This is what it is to be loved.
And to know that the promise was
When everything fell we’d be held.

If hope is born of suffering.
If this is only the beginning.
Can we not wait for one hour watching for our Savior?

This is what it means to be held.
How it feels when the sacred is torn from your life
And you survive.
This is what it is to be loved.
And to know that the promise was
When everything fell we’d be held.
This is what it is to be loved.
And to know, that the promise was when everything fell, we'd be held.





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